The mission of the VCSP is to address the cyber security risks facing Virginia and our nation by establishing and maintaining a trusted community of cyber security professionals. The Partnership leverages our collective experience and knowledge, promotes mutually beneficial information sharing and fosters professional development. The VCSP has established three mission objectives to enable the organization ability to support it’s overall mission. These mission objectives include a focus on education, collaboration, and partnership.


This mission objective will focus on providing opportunities to create awareness of the cyber security profession and sharpen existing skillsets of cyber security professionals. This will be accomplished through focused interactions with students in K-12 and at the collegiate level, and creating opportunities to share leading practices and security techniques within our member community.

Current Activities Offered:

  • In classroom presentations – K-12 and higher ed

  • Engagement with student organizations and faculty

  • Member meetings and technical workshops


This mission object will focus on enhancing professional networks to enhance the overall posture for cyber security within The Commonwealth. This will be achieved through the advancement of peer-to-peer networking and mentorship to support career development. We will also support the small business community through tailored programs designed to raise awareness of cyber risks, practical techniques to address them, and handling a potential breach.

Current Activities Offered:

  • Member Meetings + Networking Events

  • CISO Roundtables

  • Mentorship Opportunities

  • Workshops + resource sharing with small businesses


This mission objective focus on enhancing information sharing between the private and public sectors. This will be achieved by establishing partnerships with law enforcement agencies combating cyber crime within The Commonwealth. We will also offer assistance in the development of Cyber policies and programs designed to enhance cyber security capabilities across The Commonwealth.

Current Activities Offered:

  • Threat intelligence sharing from law enforcement

  • Collaboration on policy and program development