rvatech/Techsters Camp is Back February 24th

Formed in 2013, TECHSTERS is a half-day coding camp for middle school aged girls with a mission to inspire a future generation to discover technology, get excited about STEM, and build code for real-world applications.

Since the program’s first day event with robotic balls called Spheros, TECHSTERS has served over 1,200 students in the greater Richmond region. Students have worked with Spheros, Raspberry Pi's, Amazon Alexa, WeMo Switches, and more!

About the Event

Have you been wondered what AI (artificial intelligence) is all about?

Technologists at Capital One will introduce students to machine learning, an application of AI that trains models to do complex tasks, by creating and training their own models. Capital One mentors will teach you the basics of machine learning while challenging you to put your skills to the test as you build a model of your own. No experience required!

During the day, a team of our technologists will share their insights on their experiences and career paths to Capital One! You will be encouraged to ask your questions about what it means to work in Tech.

Program Equipment:

Students will need a Chromebook, iPad or other laptop device and access to Machine Learning for Kids.


· ***IMPORTANT: We ask that you please test and confirm that this platform will be able to be used to its fullest extent without any firewall issues in advance of our programming.

To maximize the students’ opportunities to practice and build, they will need to sign-in to the platform using an email address. Please create a profile on the site in advance of programming with either a student or personal email account.


Event Details:

Saturday, February 24, 2024/ 8:30AM – 3PM


Capital One West Creek Campus

15075 Capital One Drive Richmond, VA 23238