Richmond Technology Council Leads Federal Tech Hub Grant Application for $50-$75 Million Dollars

If selected, the award would position Richmond as a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning globally.

Richmond’s technology council, rvatech/, announced today it would submit a grant application for the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Technology Hub Grant Program. The program promotes technology innovation at a regional level by supporting areas across the country in growth and development to create global leaders in the next ten years. Rvatech/ will submit the Richmond region as a tech hub for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“This program is the perfect fit for our technology community here in Richmond. Our area is unique for our breadth of large industry stalwarts, fast-growing startups, agile public sector partners, and potential for new talent from our local universities, ” said Nick Serfass, CEO of rvatech/ “Richmond has so much to offer in the evolving areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, becoming a designated Tech Hub can spark the next wave of technology growth in Virginia.”

As a rapidly evolving space, Richmond has the potential to lead the way into the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the region’s unique cross-section of private and public sector leaders rvatech/ remains confident its consortium members would create a strong and deliberate path towards the future. 

If selected Richmond will be one of 20 or more Tech Hubs designated in the country and could receive $50-70 million in funding across the program process. Learn more about rvatech/ and its partners at: