Our Story / Get to know rvatech


Originally formed in 1989 as the Central Virginia High Technology Network, later renamed the Greater Richmond Technology Council (GRTC, RichTech), and most recently rebranded as the Richmond Technology Council (RVATECH), we are a member-driven association of businesses and organizations working together to ensure the continued growth of Greater Richmond’s dynamic technology-based economy.


Ignite the growth of the technology sector, the success of technology companies, and the vibrancy of the technology community within the greater Richmond region.


A community of technology practitioners and companies thriving through a shared Council that sparks them to create imaginatively, grow confidently, and aspire greatly.

Together, we build a stronger and more inclusive technology community for Richmond.

As such, RVATECH is committed to being:

Active in our awareness about ourselves, our ecosystem, and our future

Intentional in our pursuit of diversity in programs, partners, and leaders

Collaborative in our relationships with others to maximize impact

Open to new ideas in pursuit of universal opportunity

Dedicated to making technology accessible to all communities

Purposeful in leveraging technology to empower any individual or business to thrive

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