Discover how Richmond’s tech scene thrives on creativity, collaboration, and a practical yet forward-thinking ethos. Each episode reveals a piece of Richmond’s growing tech narrative, inviting listeners from all corners to connect and possibly co-create within this vibrant community.

Learn the latest tech and business news driving the Richmond community with rvatech talks. In each episode hear interviews with leaders in our community on the news and innovations driving their work.

Meet the Hosts


rvatech/Talks Host

Zak Brown


Zak Brown is currently the NLP Team Lead at Kensho Technologies, an innovation hub for S&P Global. His career has mainly focused on natural language processing, deep learning, and developing architectures for scaling compute-intensive workloads. Additionally, Zak is an organizer for both the local RVA Data Science Community Meetup group as well as the RVATech Data Summit.  Outside of work, Zak enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. His hobbies include playing music, being a great armchair movie critic, traveling and physical fitness.


TechxDesign Host

Nick Serfass


Nick Serfass is the CEO of the Richmond Technology Council. A recovering architect, Nick now guides rvatech/ and strives to help make Richmond the best tech town it can be, whether that’s designing great events, formulating rich programming, or connecting a diverse community of companies, leaders, and practitioners.


TechxDesign Host

Alex Otanez


Alex is the CEO of Shockoe, a leading mobile technology consultancy that has spent the last 10 years designing and developing mobile solutions for Fortune 500 brands as well as the public sector. Shockoe specializes in building multi-platform experiences focussed on integrating mobile apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, voice-driven, and AI-powered experiences into real-world scenarios.