Awards Gala Nominating Team

Committee Charges

  • Establish the list of awards and engage the nomination and application process

  • Guide the award judging process

  • Help sell tables and sponsorship for the Awards Gala

Committee Members:

Angie Haynes : Experis

John Barrar : SyCom

Susan Byrd : Markel

Megan Coyle : Truist

Skip Goodwillie : ePlus

Chris Little : SingleStone

Chris Jones : CGI

Carol Nitz : NTS

Jacquenline O'Keefe : UNOS

Ben Sady : DHG

Jackie Tu : Altria

Nathan Lukeson : Vaco

Ken Balog : CloudQnect

Chris Sanders : Ippon

Beth Sutherland : Altria

John Morse : Segra

Hannah Dorney : UDig

Lee Adcock : Capital One

Kevin Mosman : WayPath

Chris Cheatham : Segra

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