Data Summit Planning Team

Committee Charges

  • Theme, program, and secure content for the Data Science Summit

  • Help promote registration and sell sponsorship for the Data Science Summit

  • Help sell registration and sponsorship for the Data Summit

Committee Members:

Lori Jennings - CHAIR : Jennings ProSearch

Magnus Akesson : GE Power

Brian Bassett : Simple Thread

Zak Brown : Capital One

Austin Chandler : CarLotz

Stephen Custer : VCU

Miriam Friedel : Capital One

Ben Harden : CapTech

John Harris : Boxelder Analytics

Paul Hurlocker : Capital One

Subhash Jaini : Precizion

Jason Keough : Fusion

Steven MacLauchlan : UDig

Katia Mastropas : James River Insurance

Zach Miller : Thomson Reuters

Pablo Ormachea :

Alexis Seigneurin : Capital One

Fiona Towner : Luck Companies

Vida Williams : SingleStone

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