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The use of Generative AI has exploded in the last year, surprising and delighting most consumers in its rise from relative obscurity. Every day there’s a new product or service taking advantage of Generative AI, and it seems that if you don’t use them you’ll be left behind. In this session we’ll look at how this AI revolution occurred, the risks and benefits of using Generative AI services, and some key tooling capabilities and best practices for governance and control in a business environment.

Date & Time:

November 16, 2023 | 12 - 1 PM

Meet the Speaker

Patrick McNeil

Senior Security Architect,  GuidePoint Security

Patrick is a Sr. Security Architect for GuidePoint Security, specializing in application security and DevSecOps programs, API Security, and AI / ML. His background includes software development, system architecture design, network engineering, and security in the defense, banking, and telecom industries. Patrick is a hacker and #telephreak at heart, passionate about teaching and mentoring. He has shared his knowledge at a number of conferences, including DEFCON, DerbyCon, BSidesLV and local BSides events, CarolinaCon, CackalackyCon, regional OWASP meetings, and various telecom industry and fraud prevention forums. Patrick enjoys growing his local security community by volunteering with BSidesRDU and CackalackyCon, and is the president of a nonprofit Oak City Locksport.