July 13, 2022


1 – 4 PM


1:00 - Welcome by VITA
1:15 - IT Security in the Hybrid World with Randy Marchany / Virginia Tech
2:00 - MACH37 Introduction with Mike McCoy / MACH37
2:10 - Problems, Solutions, Use Cases and Traction by MACH37 Cohorts
3:10 - From the Trenches / Call-in from Kyiv, Ukraine with Hideez
3:55 - Upcoming Events by VITA
4:00 - Adjourn

Session Details

"IT Security in the Hybrid World" w/ Randy Marchany

The hybrid work world has required us to change our security architectures to adapt to an environment where organizations have limited visibility to endpoints. This shift incorporates strategies involving zero trust principles, moving away from network-basedIDS/IPS as line speeds increase, and vulnerability management/scanning of external networks. The era of corporate network boundaries is ending.

MACH37 Introduction + Cohort Presentations

MACH37 is a start-up accelerator designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cyber product companies.

5 Cybersecurity companies (cohorts) participating in MACH37 will present 12 minutes each on their problem, solution, use cases and traction they have made since graduating from MACH37.

"From The Trenches"

Hideez a MACH37 graduate company will describe how they are helping defend critical infrastructure from Russian cyber attacks.