"Tech-It-Yourself" Rapid-prototyping for Scale

November 19th, 2020

12:00pm – 1:00pm


The lines between design and development are continually blurring. Gone are the days of sending static files to a development team to be magically transformed into code. Instead, teams are using a development-focused approach from the very beginning, enabling them to ideate swiftly, grow customer-bases rapidly, and increase functionality faster than ever before. In this webinar, Brandon Lewis (BLDR), Jessica Allison (CarMax), and Shannon Eastwood (Mobelux) will share how a development-first mindset informs how they approach product development. We’ll talk about tools, practices, and resources that can help you architect your products so you can grow quickly without sacrificing quality.


Brandon Lewis | BLDR
Jessica Allison | CarMax
Shannon Eastwood | Mobelux

Webinar Speakers

Shannon Eastwood

Director of Strategy


Brandon Lewis Briggs

Co-Founder and Lead Designer


Jessica Allison

Product Manager


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