"Tech-It-Yourself" Webinar - Trans-Affirming Systems Design

Trans-affirming systems design with Erin White

The binary gender model is hard-coded in so much of the technology around us, just like it’s embedded in our culture. Data models, schemas, algorithms, structures, and even design can be incredibly difficult to change, despite teams’ best intentions. In this webinar, we’ll chat with Erin White, Head of Digital Engagement at VCU Libraries, about tactics for making our systems more inclusive and affirming for people of all genders, and talk about the ripple effects of inclusive systems on real-world business decisions.

Erin has written about [trans-inclusive design](https://alistapart.com/article/trans-inclusive-design/) in distinguished industry periodicals such as “A List Apart” and is an advocate for gender inclusivity.

Webinar Speaker -

Erin White

Head of Digital Engagement at VCU Libraries

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