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About the Virtual Event

This is Richmond’s twenty-fifth anniversary “Academy Awards” of technology and although 2020 certainly isn't the year any of us expected, that's not going to stop us from celebrating! We're continuing to showcase + recognize individual accomplishments, corporate wins, non-profit success stories, innovation excellence, and growing small businesses! However, we'll just be swapping out a night at Maymont Gardens for a night at home.

RVATECH is teaming up with Richmond's own Altamira Film Co. to bring the 25th Anniversary Awards Gala to life by through an incredible 90-minute production and celebrating tech with tech - like never before. So, pick up your Gala Night Basket Bundle and head straight for your favorite streaming channel as we kick off what will truly be a night to remember!


Equity Impact Award

Chairman's Award

Innovation in Public Sector

Innovation in Private Sector Award

Large Capital

Innovation in Private Sector Award

Mid Capital

Emerging Small Business Award

Technology Builder Award

Technology Influencer of the Year Award

Next Gen Award

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Legislator(s) of the Year Award

Outstanding Collaboration in Tech

Innovation in Private Sector Award

Small Capital

Community Impact Award

Pre-Dinner Reception Sponsor

After Party Sponsor

People's Choice Award

Innovation in Education Award

Meet the Finalists Sponsor

Technology Executive of the Year