Sessions from 9:15-9:45

Track #1: Drive with Data | Big Data

Track #2: Drive your Skills | Automation

Track #3: Drive the Journey | Program/Product

Sessions from 9:50-10:20

Track #1: Drive with Data | Cloud

Track #2: Drive your Skills | Dev

Track #3: Drive the Journey | UX/UI

Sessions from 10:25-10:55

Track #1: Drive with Data | Privacy

Track #2: Drive your Skills | Cyber Security

Track #3: Drive the Journey | Agile

The 2020 MLM Awards


Winners will be announced between 12:00-12:15.

The Margaret Lyn McDermid Awards recognize women technologists in the greater Richmond area. The awards program is named after Margaret Lyn McDermid who has had a direct impact on Central Virginia’s tech economy, Virginia’s image across the country, opportunities for women and young people in technology, and most especially our continued growth as an organization at RVATECH. Lyn should be an inspiration to any young person, and especially any woman, who has a desire to become a technologist.


Partner Expo

Welcome to Drive's Partner Expo! Take the time to learn about our conference sponsors by clicking on the links below. Each link will take you to a customized virtual booth that highlights everything from the company's leading women in tech to current job openings!