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8:30 AM | Registration + Morning Cocktail Hour

Welcome to 2021 rvatech/Drive! Grab a mimosa and/or a bloody morning at our morning brunch
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9:05 AM | Keynote - "What Rocket Science & Banking Have in Common"

Melanie Frank | Managing Vice President – Cyber Engineering at Capital One

What Rocket Science & Banking Have in Common

When you think of Rocket Science and Banking you probably don’t think of them as interchangeable careers, but they actually have a lot more in common than you might imagine. Join Melanie Frank as she talks about how her dream to become an astronaut led her down the unanticipated path to software engineer.


9:35 - 10:10 AM | How Data Analytics Was Used to Address the ‘Twindemic’: COVID-19 and the Opioid Epidemic

Track Category | DRIVE to SECURE


Lyd Paull-Flores Sr. Director at Qlarion


The impact of COVID-19 on the opioid epidemic has been well established. Called the “twindemic” among public health service professionals, people with addiction and mental health needs were deeply impacted by enforced social isolation. While this has led to increased challenges for health and safety professionals, the silver lining is that it has accelerated the adoption of technology, data exchanges, predictive analytics, and programs that center around social determinants/informants of health to formulate a response that supports individuals battling both addiction and the pandemic. For instance, the Affordable Care Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act resulted in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) and the collection of data that shines a light on prescribers whose practices contributed to addiction.

In this session, Lyd Paull-Flores, Senior Director of Healthcare at Qlarion, will highlight:

• How states, localities and healthcare organizations have leveraged data analytics to combat the “twindemic”: COVID-19 and the opioid epidemic

• Combining data exchanges with social determinants/informants of health

• How predictive analytics can change provider behavior Additionally, she will cover key trends that have proven effective for health and safety professionals looking to improve the quality of life for patients needing addiction support in the age of COVID-19.

These include:

• Housing as a vector of healthcare

• Healthcare infrastructure modernization

• Non-punitive collaborative social support programs

10:10 - 10:45 AM | Building for Reliability Panel

Track Category | DRIVE to BUILD


Nicole Carry | Principal Infrastructure/Operations Engineer – ADP

Briana Augenreich | Sr Software Engineer – HubSpot


Join the conversation as Nicole Carry and Bri Augenreich talk us through building reliable products, both from the hardware and software engineering perspectives. They’ll discuss change management, resilient architecture, and some of the key lessons learned over their careers so far. Moderated by Dana Haddon.

11 - 11:35 AM | Cyber Roles w/ Kristi Horton

Track Category | DRIVE to SECURE


Kristi Horton | Founder | Horton Innovations


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” – William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”
Shakespeare wrote of a different set of roles, but the diverse needs in cyber security and related disciplines might surprise you!

Learn about the different functions in cyber security and related fields and the skills valued in each.
Everyone has something to contribute. Discover how to identify the positions that suit your abilities and interests, how to spot candidates with unconventional talents, and how to connect the two.

11:40 AM | Break for Sponsor Booths/Networking Table Cards

Break time – 11:40 AM – 12:25 PM

Lunch will be served at 11:45 PM in the sponsor exhibition room.

12:25 - 1 PM | The Cloud: It’s Not just Someone Else’s Computer Anymore

Track Category | DRIVE to BUILD

Speaker: Allison Boulais | VP – Architecture Strategy & Governance at Capital One

1-1:35 PM | Drive to Innovate Panel

Track Category | DRIVE to INNOVATE


Rashonda Adkins | Director, Project Delivery & Quality Assurance at Ferguson


Jamie Sanderson Reid | Director, Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance at The AES Corporation

1:40 - 2:55 PM | Cyber Carnival

To celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) and the critical role of Cyber Gaming in building a strong workforce, Katzcy Cyber Games has assembled a virtual festival filled with games of skill and chance, scheduled thrilling performances, and lined up activities and drawings that bring home the sights, smells, and tastes of the carnival!

After our final session, enjoy some time in the exhibition hall to play games, win prizes and strengthen your cyber skills!

3 PM | Closing Remarks

Breakout Sessions


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Featured Speakers

Melanie Frank

Managing Vice President – Cyber Engineering

Capital One

Lyd Paull-Flores

Senior Director of Healthcare


Rashonda Adkins

Director, Project Delivery & Quality Assurance


Nicole Carry

Principal Infrastructure Engineer


Briana Augenreich

Senior Software Engineer


Allison Boulais

VP – Architecture Strategy & Governance

Capital One

Kristi Horton


Horton Innovations, LLC

Jamie Sanderson Reid

Director, Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance

The AES Corporation

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