rvatech/Data Summit Series Happy Hour

Date: June 23, 2021

Time: 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm

Location: Hardywood West Creek

Sponsor: TBD

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June 10, 2021


12:00 – 1:00 PM

Roundtable Topics -

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Cloud Application Modernization

  • DevOps

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2021 rvatech/Edge Presented by –


8:30 AM | Networking + Sponsor Exhibition

Welcoming remarks by rvatech/Data Summit Chair, Lori Jennnings + introduction of our Emcee, Vida Williams

9 AM | Keynote Abhijit Bose

Running time: 9:05 – 10 AM


“Machine Learning at Capital One – An Overview of the Advancements of Machine Learning at Capital One”

10:15 AM | Data Career + Growth Panel

Running time: 10:15 – 11 AM


In this panel discussion, you will hear from real folks who are hiring right now, what they are seeking, what is holding back candidates, and ideas on how to optimize your search.

Moderated by Todd Dube | Cloud Solutions Architect at CarMax


Featured Panelists:

Reginald Leonard II | Associate Director of Career Connections and Community Engagement at University of Virginia

Susan Gorney | Sr. Director Data Strategy & Technology at Altria

Rob Phillips | Director of Technology at CarMax

11 AM | 2020: COVID, Politics and Civil Unrest - What did it Mean for a Data Scientist?

Running time: 11:00 – 11:35 AM


Featured Speaker: Vida Williams | Chief Data Officer/Chief Diversity Officer at SingleStone

11:35 AM | Lunch + LIVE! Podcast with feat. guest David Der of Spring Oaks Capital

Running time: 11:35 AM – 1:00 PM


Hosted by Ford Prior with featured guest, David Der | Head of Engineering at Spring Oaks Capital

1 PM | Data Mesh - Scalable Data Architecture

Running time: 1:00 – 1:35 PM


Organizations have long leveraged centralized data teams to design and build analytic data solutions such as data lakes and data warehouses. As these data platforms expand in scope and usage, these centralized teams often reach a point where they can no longer keep pace with business needs.


Data Mesh is a new approach that directly addresses this challenge. It represents a paradigm shift away from legacy best practices and established enterprise data architecture frameworks, and towards federating data product development across business domains.

As part of this presentation, we aim to provide organizations with:

  • A fundamental understanding of Data Mesh concepts and value proposition
  • Benefits the Data Mesh has brought to Mission Lane
  • How to navigate the “people” aspect of making a shift to Data Mesh Architecture


Featured Speakers:

Rick Vasko | Data Architect at Impact Makers

Mike Carpenter | Data Steward + Reporting Specialist at Mission Lane

1:35 PM | VA's Consumer Data Protection Act - Following California Into the Privacy Frontier

Running time: 1:35 – 2:05 PM


Explore the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act. Discuss exemptions, tasks, security mandates
under the Act alongside the new rights that are unfolding for consumers under both Virginia’s CDPA
along with the myriad of other state laws percolating. This session will also delve deep into developing
a battle plan for future-proofing against the onslaught of new privacy regulations nationwide.

Featured Speaker: Beth Burgin Waller | Chair Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice at WOODS ROGERS

2:20 PM | Encrypted Traffic Analysis with Machine Learning: Cybersecurity for all Network Traffic

Running time: 2:20 – 2:55 PM


Featured Speaker: Andrew Fast | Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder at CounterFlow AI, Inc.

2:55 PM | Machine Learning in Production

Running time: 2:55 – 3:30 PM


Featured Speaker: Paul Hurlocker | Chief Technology Officer at Spring Oaks Capital

3:30 PM | Happy Hour + Networking

Data Summit '21 Speakers

Abhijit Bose

Managing Vice President Center for Machine Learning

Capital One

Andrew Fast

Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder

CounterFlow AI

Rob Phillips

Director Of Technology


Paul Hurlocker

Chief Technology Officer

Spring Oaks Capital

Todd Dube

Cloud Solutions Architect


Reginald Leonard II

Associate Director of Career Connections and Community Engagement

University of Virginia

Vida Williams

Chief Data Officer/Chief Diversity Officer


Susan Gorney

Sr. Director Data Strategy & Technology


Beth Burgin Waller

Chair, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice / Principal Attorney

Woods Rogers

Rick Vasko

Data Architect

Impact Makers

Mike Carpenter

Data Steward + Reporting Specialist

Mission Lane

Past Speakers

Hilary Mason

Co-Founder of HiddenDoorCo | Founder of FastForwardLabs (acquired by Cloudera ) | Data Scientist in Residence, Accel

Carlos Rivero

Chief Data Officer

State of Virginia

Adam Wenchel



Chris Peterson

Managing Vice President, Data Science

Capital One

Ranju Das

Amazon Rekognition & Amazon Textract


Renee M. P. Teate

Director of Data Science


Vida Williams

Chief Data Officer/Chief Diversity Officer


David Der

Engineering Manager


Rob Finnegan

Chief Executive Officer

West Creek Financial

Miriam Friedel, Ph.D

Director, Software Engineering

Capital One

Ben Harden

Principal - Data and Analytics


Beth Waller

Attorney & Chair of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Group

Woods Rogers

Keynote - Dr. Laurie Forlano

Deputy Director - Office of Epidemiology

Virginia Department of Health

Keynote - Tim Powell

Director - Division of Informatics and Information Systems

Virginia Department of Health

Renee Teate

Director of Data Science


Mentor - Gabriel Rushin

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Procter & Gamble

Mentor - Courtney Layman

Senior Data Scientist

Astraea, Inc.

Mentor - Kerry Jones

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Machines Corp

Mentor - Todd Dube

Cloud Solutions Architect


Mentor - Vida Williams

Chief Data Officer/Chief Diversity Officer


Mentor - Andrew Fast

Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder

CounterFlow AI, Inc.

Mentor - Paul Hurlocker

Vice President - Center for Machine Learning

Capital One

Mentor - David Der

Engineering Manager


Mentor - David Moxley

Sr. Data Science Consultant

Impact Makers

Mentor - Malcolm Charles

Senior Data Scientist

Oncology Analytics

Mentor - Zach Anglin

Director, Data Science

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mentor - Dr. Miriam Friedel

Director, Software Engineering

Capital One

Mentor - Julia Barnhart

Team Manager - Machine Learning Engineering


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This Event Is Currently Accepting Proposals

2021 rvatech/Data Summit - Call for Speakers

Kick-off Agenda

11 AM | Welcome

Conference will begin after opening remarks from our Edge Committee Chair, Gaurav Chawla.

11:15 AM | Keynote - Yefim Natis

Presentation Title – “Strategic Architecture Roadmap for Composable Enterprise”.

12:25 PM | Breakout Sessions

Tune in to your favorite breakout session featuring a panel of community builders + tech leaders.


Available Sessions:


Lessons Learned in DevOps


Leading Edge in Cloud


What’s Next in Enterprise Architecture

Meet the Keynote

Yefim Natis | Distinguished Vice President + Fellow at Gartner Research

Yefim Natis is a Distinguished Vice President and Fellow in Gartner Research. His main research themes include the Future of Applications, Composable Enterprise, and Intelligent Composable Business; also the key trends in enterprise platforms and PaaS; event-driven and service-oriented computing architectures. He leads Gartner’s PaaS, Composable Future of Applications, and event-driven computing research communities. Mr. Natis’ work spans key trends, best user practices, and vendor strategies across these research themes. He regularly presents at Gartner conferences, executive briefings, and webinars.


Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Natis worked at Magna Software, a software startup where he was the Director of Software Architecture and the principal architect of Magna X, a generator of service-oriented enterprise transaction processing applications. His experience also includes IT architecture and IT management positions at Hogan Systems and Citi Group. He has over 35 years of experience in enterprise IT.

Breakout Sessions | 12:25 - 1 PM

Breakout #1 | Scars from DevSecOps

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Breakout #2 | Leading Edge in Cloud

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Breakout #3 | What's Next in Enterprise Architecture

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Speakers + Community Builders

Chair - Gaurav Chawla

Senior Director | Software Engineering


Chair - Alex Otanez

Chief Executive Officer

Shockoe | Mobile by Design

Deborah Cassidy

Global Chief Information Officer

PRA Group

Gurushyam Mony

Director | DevOps and Quality Engineering


Ian Tyndall

Sr. Director Digital Strategy and Innovation

Altria Client Services

Steve Fuller

Enterprise Account Manager

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Matthew Douglas

Chief Enterprise Architect

Sentara Healthcare

Chandra Ragyari

Asst Vice President, Software Engineering

PRA Group

Atul Chowdhory

Business Intelligence Architect

Virginia Lottery

Chris Tignor

Chief Information Security Officer

PRA Group

Victor Andrade

Head of Software Engineering

PRA Group

Rob Pollard

Enterprise Architect

Virginia Lottery

Chris Burroughs

Chief Technology Officer

PRA Group

Steve Wisner

Director of Enterprise Data Management and Solution Architecture

Genworth Financial

Paul Busick

Vice President, Software Engineering

Capital One

Upcoming Summer Series Events

Round Tables



Edge Topics

  • Cloud Data Management and Analytics

  • Modern Application Development

  • Chaos Engineering - Infrastructure | Network | Application | Security

  • Serverless and Event-Driven Architecture

  • Cloud Native and Cloud Centric

  • Edge Computing and Distributed Architecture

  • Collaborative, Efficient, Secure and Autonomous Design

  • Prioritizing Edge

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Conference Agenda

2021 Speakers

Keynote - Max Furmanov

Managing Director / Partner


Drew Firment

SVP, Cloud Transformation

A Cloud Guru

Kevin Hazzard

Cloud Strategist


Diane Schnupp


Kinsale Insurance

Jeremy Davis

Chief Architect


Dennis Sharpe

Chief Technology Officer

Ippon Technologies

David Elizondo

DevOps Engineer

Ippon Technologies

Scott Miller

Software Engineer

Invoice Cloud

Chris Barker

Assistant Vice President

The Federal Reserve

Darrell Norton



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Conference Schedule

8:30 AM | Registration + Morning Cocktail Hour

Welcome to 2021 rvatech/Drive! Grab a mimosa and/or a bloody morning at our morning brunch
bar + reconnect with Richmond’s technology community!

Take time to engage with the #rvatech community + our conference sponsors by visiting the
exhibition booths with a cocktail in hand – Cheers!

9:05 AM | Keynote - "What Rocket Science & Banking Have in Common"

Melanie Frank | Managing Vice President – Cyber Engineering at Capital One

What Rocket Science & Banking Have in Common

When you think of Rocket Science and Banking you probably don’t think of them as interchangeable careers, but they actually have a lot more in common than you might imagine. Join Melanie Frank as she talks about how her dream to become an astronaut led her down the unanticipated path to software engineer.


9:35 - 10:10 AM | How Data Analytics Was Used to Address the ‘Twindemic’: COVID-19 and the Opioid Epidemic

Track Category | DRIVE to SECURE


Lyd Paull-Flores Sr. Director at Qlarion


The impact of COVID-19 on the opioid epidemic has been well established. Called the “twindemic” among public health service professionals, people with addiction and mental health needs were deeply impacted by enforced social isolation. While this has led to increased challenges for health and safety professionals, the silver lining is that it has accelerated the adoption of technology, data exchanges, predictive analytics, and programs that center around social determinants/informants of health to formulate a response that supports individuals battling both addiction and the pandemic. For instance, the Affordable Care Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act resulted in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) and the collection of data that shines a light on prescribers whose practices contributed to addiction.

In this session, Lyd Paull-Flores, Senior Director of Healthcare at Qlarion, will highlight:

• How states, localities and healthcare organizations have leveraged data analytics to combat the “twindemic”: COVID-19 and the opioid epidemic

• Combining data exchanges with social determinants/informants of health

• How predictive analytics can change provider behavior Additionally, she will cover key trends that have proven effective for health and safety professionals looking to improve the quality of life for patients needing addiction support in the age of COVID-19.

These include:

• Housing as a vector of healthcare

• Healthcare infrastructure modernization

• Non-punitive collaborative social support programs

10:10 - 10:45 AM | Building for Reliability Panel

Track Category | DRIVE to BUILD


Nicole Carry | Principal Infrastructure/Operations Engineer – ADP

Briana Augenreich | Sr Software Engineer – HubSpot


Join the conversation as Nicole Carry and Bri Augenreich talk us through building reliable products, both from the hardware and software engineering perspectives. They’ll discuss change management, resilient architecture, and some of the key lessons learned over their careers so far. Moderated by Dana Haddon.

11 - 11:35 AM | Cyber Roles w/ Kristi Horton

Track Category | DRIVE to SECURE


Kristi Horton | Founder | Horton Innovations


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” – William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”
Shakespeare wrote of a different set of roles, but the diverse needs in cyber security and related disciplines might surprise you!

Learn about the different functions in cyber security and related fields and the skills valued in each.
Everyone has something to contribute. Discover how to identify the positions that suit your abilities and interests, how to spot candidates with unconventional talents, and how to connect the two.

11:40 AM | Break for Sponsor Booths/Networking Table Cards

Break time – 11:40 AM – 12:25 PM

Lunch will be served at 11:45 PM in the sponsor exhibition room.

12:25 - 1 PM | The Cloud: It’s Not just Someone Else’s Computer Anymore

Track Category | DRIVE to BUILD

Speaker: Allison Boulais | VP – Architecture Strategy & Governance at Capital One

1-1:35 PM | Drive to Innovate Panel

Track Category | DRIVE to INNOVATE


Rashonda Adkins | Director, Project Delivery & Quality Assurance at Ferguson


Jamie Sanderson Reid | Director, Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance at The AES Corporation

1:40 - 2:55 PM | Cyber Carnival

To celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) and the critical role of Cyber Gaming in building a strong workforce, Katzcy Cyber Games has assembled a virtual festival filled with games of skill and chance, scheduled thrilling performances, and lined up activities and drawings that bring home the sights, smells, and tastes of the carnival!

After our final session, enjoy some time in the exhibition hall to play games, win prizes and strengthen your cyber skills!

3 PM | Closing Remarks

Breakout Sessions


Track #2


Track #3


Featured Speakers

Melanie Frank

Managing Vice President – Cyber Engineering

Capital One

Lyd Paull-Flores

Senior Director of Healthcare


Rashonda Adkins

Director, Project Delivery & Quality Assurance


Nicole Carry

Principal Infrastructure Engineer


Briana Augenreich

Senior Software Engineer


Allison Boulais

VP – Architecture Strategy & Governance

Capital One

Kristi Horton


Horton Innovations, LLC

Jamie Sanderson Reid

Director, Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance

The AES Corporation

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rvatech/Data Virtual Kickoff

Date: March 11, 2021

Time: 9:00 am until 12:00 pm

Location: TBD

Sponsor: TBD

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Track #1: Drive with Data

Big Data



Track #2: Drive your Skills



Cyber Security

Track #3: Drive the Journey




The 2020 MLM Awards

The Margaret Lyn McDermid Awards recognize women technologists in the greater Richmond area. The awards program is named after Margaret Lyn McDermid who has had a direct impact on Central Virginia’s tech economy, Virginia’s image across the country, opportunities for women and young people in technology, and most especially our continued growth as an organization at RVATECH. Lyn should be an inspiration to any young person, and especially any woman, who has a desire to become a technologist.


Event Speakers

Christina Hollingsworth

VP, Information Technology

Hamilton Beach

Courtney Rowell

Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Leader

Thomson Reuters

Elaine Cheng

VP and Chief Information Officer


Emma MacMullan

Cyber Intelligence Analyst

Federal Reserve

Jimma Elliot-Stevens

Chief Privacy Officer

Thomson Reuters

Johanna “Jojo” Leasiolagi

Senior Technical Advisor

Defense Intelligence Agency

Katia Mastropas

Senior Data Scientist

James River Insurance

Lauren Hill

Product Lead

Capital One

Mary Glerum

Director of Product Management


Megan Overton

Product Management Consultant

The Mom Project

Santhi Sridharan

Head of Engineering, Open Source Office

Capital One

Sara Demeria

VP, Business Information Security Officer

Federal Reserve

Teresa Washburn

Senior Manager, User Experience Design


Crystal Harris

Agile Transformation Coach


Karen Rodd

Agile Transformation Coach


LaLisha Hurt

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer


Tanya Madison

Chief Privacy Officer

Aristocrat Technologies

Charlene Mowery

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Red Hat

Viji Natarajan

Enterprise and Solution Architecture Leader / Director

Veracity / Women Who Code

This Event Is Currently Accepting Proposals

Calls for Proposals

  • Drop files here or
    Please submit a PDF with your presentation's title, abstract or overview description, and any supporting documents.


April 21, 2021


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

About the Event

In March of this year, Virginia signed into law the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) joining California (CCPA) as the second state to enact comprehensive data privacy legislation. Other states are also working on their own privacy laws. Data Privacy legislation means more than just legal and business challenges for corporations, it means empowering the consumer to have more access and control over their data which is a valuable commodity.

In this rvatech/Data Summit series’ event, come and join the discussion as business leaders share their thoughts on what the recent Data Privacy legislation means for the business community as well as for you, the consumer.

Webinar Speakers

Moderator | Jeanine Cook


CapTech Consulting

Kyle Fondren

Senior Manager, Consumer Identity Management and Privacy

Altria Client Services

Caroline Stapleton

Assistant General Counsel

West Creek

John Duncan

Director + Head of Data Governance and Master Data


Christopher Jones


Sands Anderson

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Join the conversation via Zoom – Click Here to Register

Apply to be a Data Summit Speaker

Who Should Submit?


Everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal. Our primary goal is to have excellent sessions that inform and engage our attendees. Thus, the speaker selection committee will be favoring speakers who have a record of delivering excellent talks, but we also understand that everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a first-time speaker, please make sure your proposal is compelling and communicates why you are the right person to deliver it.

Track Topics:


Track #1: Practitioners 

This track focuses on the process of building models, making it understandable and actionable.


Track #2: How to Manage, Lead, and Leverage Data in the Enterprise

Talks in this track will focus on how to effectively implement data science teams and their solutions in an enterprise.

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What to Expect

The 2021 RVAJS Conference offers a range of sessions that provide JavaScript Developers and the overall amazing + vibrant RVA developer community the opportunity to interact, engage + further their skills together.