June 10, 2021


12:00 – 1:00 PM

Roundtable Topics -

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Cloud Application Modernization

  • DevOps

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2021 rvatech/Edge Presented by –

Kick-off Agenda

11 AM | Welcome

Conference will begin after opening remarks from our Edge Committee Chair, Gaurav Chawla.

11:15 AM | Keynote - Yefim Natis

Presentation Title – “Strategic Architecture Roadmap for Composable Enterprise”.

12:25 PM | Breakout Sessions

Tune in to your favorite breakout session featuring a panel of community builders + tech leaders.


Available Sessions:


Lessons Learned in DevOps


Leading Edge in Cloud


What’s Next in Enterprise Architecture

Meet the Keynote

Yefim Natis | Distinguished Vice President + Fellow at Gartner Research

Yefim Natis is a Distinguished Vice President and Fellow in Gartner Research. His main research themes include the Future of Applications, Composable Enterprise, and Intelligent Composable Business; also the key trends in enterprise platforms and PaaS; event-driven and service-oriented computing architectures. He leads Gartner’s PaaS, Composable Future of Applications, and event-driven computing research communities. Mr. Natis’ work spans key trends, best user practices, and vendor strategies across these research themes. He regularly presents at Gartner conferences, executive briefings, and webinars.


Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Natis worked at Magna Software, a software startup where he was the Director of Software Architecture and the principal architect of Magna X, a generator of service-oriented enterprise transaction processing applications. His experience also includes IT architecture and IT management positions at Hogan Systems and Citi Group. He has over 35 years of experience in enterprise IT.

Breakout Sessions | 12:25 - 1 PM

Breakout #1 | Scars from DevSecOps

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Breakout #2 | Leading Edge in Cloud

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Breakout #3 | What's Next in Enterprise Architecture

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Speakers + Community Builders

Chair - Gaurav Chawla

Senior Director | Software Engineering


Chair - Alex Otanez

Chief Executive Officer

Shockoe | Mobile by Design

Deborah Cassidy

Global Chief Information Officer

PRA Group

Gurushyam Mony

Director | DevOps and Quality Engineering


Ian Tyndall

Sr. Director Digital Strategy and Innovation

Altria Client Services

Steve Fuller

Enterprise Account Manager

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Matthew Douglas

Chief Enterprise Architect

Sentara Healthcare

Chandra Ragyari

Asst Vice President, Software Engineering

PRA Group

Atul Chowdhory

Business Intelligence Architect

Virginia Lottery

Chris Tignor

Chief Information Security Officer

PRA Group

Victor Andrade

Head of Software Engineering

PRA Group

Rob Pollard

Enterprise Architect

Virginia Lottery

Chris Burroughs

Chief Technology Officer

PRA Group

Steve Wisner

Director of Enterprise Data Management and Solution Architecture

Genworth Financial

Paul Busick

Vice President, Software Engineering

Capital One

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Round Tables



Edge Topics

  • Cloud Data Management and Analytics

  • Modern Application Development

  • Chaos Engineering - Infrastructure | Network | Application | Security

  • Serverless and Event-Driven Architecture

  • Cloud Native and Cloud Centric

  • Edge Computing and Distributed Architecture

  • Collaborative, Efficient, Secure and Autonomous Design

  • Prioritizing Edge

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2023 Speakers

Ian Major

Co-Founder, Co-CEO


Paul Hurlocker

Chief Technology Officer

Spring Oaks Capital, LLC

Amyli McDaniel



Andrew Elliott



Stuart VonCanon



Sean McDermott

Intelligence Analyst


Bob Stolle

​CEO & President

Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC)

Nick Bawa

Founder, CTO


Conference Agenda

2021 Speakers

Keynote - Max Furmanov

Managing Director / Partner


Drew Firment

SVP, Cloud Transformation

A Cloud Guru

Kevin Hazzard

Cloud Strategist


Diane Schnupp


Kinsale Insurance

Jeremy Davis

Chief Architect


Dennis Sharpe

Chief Technology Officer

Ippon Technologies

David Elizondo

DevOps Engineer

Ippon Technologies

Scott Miller

Software Engineer

Invoice Cloud

Chris Barker

Assistant Vice President

The Federal Reserve

Darrell Norton