Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Committee Charges

  • Perform an annual D&I audit of RVATECH programming

  • Perform an annual review of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy Statement

  • Offer recommendations for outreach efforts to underserved communities

Committee Members:

Andrea Goulet - CHAIR : Corgibytes

Twann Atkins : Amazon AWS

Britni Clark : VA Realtors

Pamela Crook : CodeVA

Chris Dovi : CodeVA

Randi Edwards : Edwards Clinical Services

Lacey Hatcher : Capital One

Jen Honermann : Capital One

Nitin Jain : Capital One

Pinkaj Klokkenga : PFG

Laura Little : firstSTREET

Ingrid Nelson : Bank of America

Tracey Phillips : ICMA-RC

Sheminaz Ravji : Capital One

Malcolm Reid : Brison

Milgo Yonis : TMI

Ian Young : 1 Million Cups Richmond

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